Brian Silak Photography

New York City photographer Brian Silak needed a new website to showcase his extraordinary images. The challenge here was to build a user interface that would be intuitive, visually striking, and classy, while being easy to maintain. A highly customized WordPress backend allows site administrators to dynamically maintain, add and remove galleries and pages through a web browser, while retaining the elegant look and feel. Brian’s unique sense of style presented challenges for a responsive layout, which we were able to achieve with no compromise to his artistic vision.

The administration area for this site is the most extensive of any PHP-based photo gallery I have ever worked with. Photographers can crop and resize images directly in the browser, allowing them to highlight the focal point of interest of each photo’s thumbnail. A drag-and-drop sorter is provided for every gallery, giving ultimate control over every gallery’s presentation.Brian continuously updates the site with his imaginative, highly-sought-after photography.

Project roles:

  • Freelance web developer

Technologies used:

  • WordPress
  • JQuery

Public-facing URI: